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Roux'D Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent Featured
ROUX'D Maxx Novikov. Bass, Backing Vocals
Alexander Strelnikov. Lead, Rhythm Guitar
About Los Angelas born rock musician Roux’d (rude) is a son of French/Swedish father and Cherokee Indian mother. He grew up in a house full of music. Radio was always on and usually turned to rock, soul, funk or blues. But it was not his father playing the guitar or his mother’s singing, it was his brother’s dedication to the guitar that lit the love for music in Roux’d. His seemingly endless energy, brutal honesty and haunting melodies are now on a way to become his first solo album ‘2facednroux’d’. His fans from the US to Russia, where he currently lives, will soon have something to hold on to. Band Members:
2ROUX'D This 3 song EP is a debut
of what's to come!
All songs for this EP will be featured
on an album due out 2021
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Booking Manager: Stephan Rogers
Booking Manager: Jerry Smith.
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